Simple conditional discrimination species: pigeons
Maintainer Michael Davison Current version 0.1 View the changelog
Original Author Michael Davison Date last modified Apr-24-2005
License BSD MED-PC version 4
Simple condition task in which animals (pigeons, originally) learn the difference between 4 stimuli. The code tracks every event using the code listed here.
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 \Experiment 4 simple SDT with flashing stimuli
\keeps the time of every event
\Michael Davison

^LeftWhite=1          \1 = Left (WHITE)
^LeftCenterS1=2       \2 = Left Centre S1 (RED)
^LeftCenterS2=3       \3 = Left Centre S2 (GREEN)
^RightWhite=4         \4 = Right Centre (WHITE)
^Magazine=5           \5 = mag
^MagazineLight=6      \6 = mag light

^LeftKeyPeck=1        \1 = Left key peck
^LeftCentreKeyPeck=2  \2 = Left Centre key peck
^RightCentreKeyPeck=3 \3 = Right Centre key peck
\4 = Right key, unused

\z pulses

\q array is the settings for conditions
\q(0),q(1) not used in this experiment
\q(2) = probability of reinforcement for left correct responses (complememt is p. for right correct)
\q(3) = Reinforcers per session
\q(4) = Magazine duration in seconds
\q(5) = blackout time in seconds
\q(6) = Inter-trial interval time in seconds
\q(7) & q(8) = durations of Red and Green flash times on left-centre key

\Condition 1
\list q = 0,10000/30,5000,60,3,10,5,1.2,0.44\ Condition 1 1:1 reinforcer ratio on 08/02/01

\100 sessions per condition, please keep all data on directory in d:\expt4\condx

dim c = 5

\overall counts:
\c(0) = LeftCorrect|S1 W
\c(1) = RightError|S1 X
\c(2) = LeftError|S2 Y
\c(3) = RightCorrect|S2 Z
\c(4) = Left Rfts
\c(5) = Right Rfts

\detailed data collection into the x array with index t:
dim x=5000

\Codes for detailed data collection:

diskvars = c,q,x

    #start:set q(4)=q(4)*1",q(5)=q(5)*1",q(6)=q(6)*1",q(7)=q(7)*1",q(8)=q(8)*1"; \ set times to ticks
        set t=0; \ in itialize index
        set x(t)=btime/1"+^sessstart;--->s8
s2,\ Set up stimulus
    1 #T:withpi=5000[@S1,@s2]
        @s1:set s=2; \ set trial type s
            set f=q(7); \ set durations of Red and Green
            set g=q(8);
            z^StartFlasher; \ start flasher
            add t;
            set x(t)=btime/1"+^Stim1on;--->s3
        @s2:set s=3;
            set f=q(8);
            set g=q(7);
            z^StartFlasher; \ start flasher
            add t;
            set x(t)=btime/1"+^Stim2on;--->s3
s3,\ Stimulus presentation
    #R^LeftCentreKeyPeck:z^StopFlasher; \ stop flasher
        add t;
        set x(t)=btime/1"+^CKPeck; \ store time of peck
        off ^LeftCenterS1,^LeftCenterS2; \ turn off flasher lights -- overkill!
        on ^LeftWhite,^RightWhite;--->s4 \ turn on choice keys
s4, \ main routine
    #R^LeftKeyPeck:off ^LeftWhite,^RightWhite;if s=2[@CorrectLeft,@ErrorLeft]
            @correctLeft:add c(0);
                add t;
                set x(t)=btime/1"+^Bw; \ store time of choice
                if s.s.2=3[@ReinforcerSetup,@Rnotsetup]
                        add c(4);
                        on ^Magazine,^MagazineLight;
                        add t;
                        set x(t)=btime/1"+^Rw;--->s5
                    @RNotSetup:add t;
                        set x(t)=btime/1"+^NRW;--->s5
                @errorLeft:add c(2);
                    add t;
                    set x(t)=btime/1"+^By;--->s6
    #R^RightCentreKeyPeck:off ^LeftWhite,^RightWhite;if s=3[@CorrectRight,@ErrorRight]
        @CorrectRight:add c(3);
            add t;
            set x(t)=btime/1"+^Bz;
            if s.s.2=4[@ReinforcerSetup,@RNotSetup]
                    add c(5);
                    on ^Magazine,^MagazineLight;
                    add t;
                    set x(t)=btime/1"+^Rz;--->s5
                @RNotSetup:add t;
                    set x(t)=btime/1"+^NRZ;--->s5
        @ErrorRight:add c(1);
            add t;
            set x(t)=btime/1"+^Bx;--->s6
s5,\ Reinforcer time
    q(4) #T:off ^Magazine,^MagazineLight;
        show 1,W,c(0),2,X,C(1),3,Y,C(2),4,Z,C(3);
        add t;
        set x(t)=btime/1"+^ITIStart;--->s7
s6,\ BO Time
    q(5) #T:show 1,W,c(0),2,X,C(1),3,Y,C(2),4,Z,C(3);
        add t;
        set x(t)=btime/1"+^ITIStart;--->s7
s7,\ Inter-trial interval
    q(6) #T:--->s2
s8,\ Waiting to be sure box has woken up - doug added this

s.s.2, \scheduling dependent, overall (runs always)
s3,\ Left rft set up
s4,\ Right rft set up

s.s.3, \data collection
    q(3)#z^ReinforcerStart!2500":--->s3 \stop session after q(3) reinforcers or after 2500 seconds
    q(4) #T:off 1,2,3,4,5;--->stopabortflush

s.s.4,\ Flasher
    #z^StartFlasher:on ^LeftCenterS1;--->s3
    f#T:off ^LeftCenterS1;on ^LeftCenterS2;--->s4
    #z^StopFlasher:off ^LeftCenterS2;--->s2
    g#T:off ^LeftCenterS2;on^LeftCenterS1;--->s3
    #z^StopFlasher:off ^LeftCenterS1;--->s2			
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